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We are ERPC, constituted by Ministry of Power, Government of India. We are committed to integrated and secure operation of the eastern regional electricity grid. ERPC has a central role in coordination of the power system utilities in Eastern Region.

Major decisions with respect to the technical, operational, planning and  commercial issues are  taken in various meetings of ERPC. Our endeavor is to ensure grid operation within permissible limits in coordination with all constituents including the load dispatcher.

Every constituent has their share of role for maintaining the grid integrity. Working together we will be able to achieve a stable frequency and zero congestion. Know more …[/responsivevoice]

Eastern Region Live Data

Grid Freq.
DSM Rate
Demand Met

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ERPC Solar Power Generation

Stage I


Stage II


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Latest News

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In Focus

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Latest Regional Energy Accounts

Scheduled Energy (All figures are in MWh)

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Latest Power Supply Position

Peak demand in MW and Energy in MU

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Recent Developments at ERPC

[cms_testimonial_carousel items=”3″][cms_testimonial title=”Social Responsibility Initiative” role=”at ERPC” testimonial=”Eastern Regional Power Committee donated four computers to Hope Foundation under their Social Responsibility Initiative.” img_image=”3422″][cms_testimonial title=”Web_Archives” role=”at ERPC” testimonial=”Archives of old website is available in ERPC Document Management System. Interested constituents may write to eecom1.erpc@gov.in …” img_image=”3422″][cms_testimonial title=”Green Energy Initiative” role=”at ERPC” testimonial=”10 KW grid connected roof-top Solar Power Plant is being constructed at ERPC office which will help reduce carbon emissions.” img_image=”3422″][cms_testimonial title=”FSTPS Islanding Scheme” role=”at ERPC” testimonial=”With FSTPS Islanding Scheme in ER, four Islanding Schemes have already been commissioned(April’17) and in operation post grid disturbance of 30-31.07.12″ img_image=”3422″][/cms_testimonial_carousel]