Govt. of India vide its resolution F. No. 23/1/2004-R&R dated 25th May 2005 had established Eastern Regional Power Committee comprising the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Sikkim with following members

  • Member (Grid Operation), Central Electricity Authority (CEA).
  • One representative each of Central Generating Companies, Central Transmission Utility (CTU), National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) and the Eastern Regional Load Despatch Centre (ERLDC).
  • From each of the States in the region, the State Generating Company, State Transmission Utility (STU), State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC), one of the State owned distribution companies as nominated by the State Government and one distribution company by alphabetical rotation out of the private distribution companies functioning in the region.
  • A representative each of every generating company (other than central generating companies or State Government owned Generating Companies) having more than 1000 MW installed capacity in the region.


  • A representative of the generating companies having power plants in the region [not covered in (ii) to (iv) above] by alphabetical rotation.
  • One member representing the electricity traders in the region by alphabetical rotation, which have trading volume of more than 500 million units during the previous financial year.
  • Member Secretary, ERPC – Convenor. Wherever a member is represented by rotation, the nomination would be for a period of one year. The representative from respective organizations should be either the head of the organization or at least a person not below the rank of a Director on the Board of the company / corporate entity except for Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSUs) where representative could also be at the level of Executive Director.