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We are ERPC, constituted by Ministry of Power, Government of India. We are committed to integrated and secure operation of the eastern regional electricity grid. ERPC has a central role in coordination of the power system utilities in Eastern Region.

Major decisions with respect to the technical, operational, planning and  commercial issues are  taken in various meetings of ERPC. Our endeavor is to ensure grid operation within permissible limits in coordination with all constituents including the load dispatcher.

Every constituent has their share of role for maintaining the grid integrity. Working together we will be able to achieve a stable frequency and zero congestion. Know more …

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Regional Energy Accounts

For the Period of December, 2016

Regional Energy Accounts (REA) for eastern region is prepared from Inter State Generating Station (ISGS) (whose 100% power is allocated) availability, injection schedules & constituent drawal schedule published by ERLDC. The REA Statement is prepared as per the specified procedure in CERC (Terms & Conditions of Tariff), Regulations. REA is prepared on the monthly basis stating therein the Share Allocation, indicative Capacity Charges payable by the beneficiaries, Drawal Schedule, indicative Energy Charges Billing etc.
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For the Period of 17.10.16-23.10.16

Power systems require ancillary services to maintain reliability and support their primary function of delivering energy to customers. Ancillary services are principally real-power generator control capacity services that the system operator uses over various time frames to maintain the required instantaneous and continuous balance between aggregate generations and load. All Inter-State Generating Stations whose tariff is determined or adopted by the Commission and are operating on part load and which have not received full requisition are be eligible to participate for providing the Reserves Regulation Ancillary Services (RRAS).
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Power Supply Position

For the Period of December, 2016

Power Supply Position (PSP) report covers the monthly power requirements for all States/ UTs in terms of peak demand and availability (in MW) as well as energy requirement and availability (in MU). PSP is assessed considering the projections made by the constituent states, past data and the trend analysis. This information may be useful for the utilities likely to face shortages, to tie-up bilateral exchanges/ purchase of power from the states having surplus power.
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Document Management SystemDocument Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is an electronic solution that help organization to streamline their document management processes.
It enables scanning, storage, retrieval, sharing, tracking, revision, and distribution of documents and hence information and data they contain.

ERPC maintains a full featured DMS for efficient document search. All important documents generated or received at ERPC Secretariat are scanned with an OCR scanner and uploaded in the system. On request, the system can search for documents based on tags, file names and text within the document also.

The DMS is built upon a state of the art open ware with customization as per ERPC requirement. The introduction of DMS has improved the document search and tracking capability of ERPC.

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Asset Management SystemAsset Management System


Asset Management System (AMS) is an electronic solution that help organizations to streamline their asset inventory, tracking, issue and disposal.

It enables storing of asset life cycle records of various assets which would include power system assets as well as assets related to the secretariat.

Maintaining an e-asset register will help in keeping track of the items, their maintenance history, expenditure booked for maintenance from time to time. This information will be readily available during disposal of the asset and will help in taking an informed decision.

Development of full fledged asset management system for ERPC is going on in full steam.

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