Important Documents

Title Report Date(YYYY/MM/DD) Report
PPT on Disturbance Analysis 2023/06/16
Pollution Mapping of Transmission System of Eastern Region 2019/09/04
Third Party Protection Audit Observations of WBSETCL substations 2019/04/04
Load flow study under summer peak condition_21.09.2017 2017/10/06
RGMO status 2017/06/30
Off Peak Load Flow Study of ER_29.12.2016 2017/04/06
Protection Database Progress Report_February-17 2017/03/06
Third Party Protection Audit Observations of PG Sub-stations in ER 2017/02/14
Attendance sheet of Tractebel Protection Training 2017/02/03
Protection Database Progress Report_January-17 2017/02/02
Constiuentwise peak & off-peak Data 2017/01/10
Protection Database Progress Report_December-16 2017/01/10
Protection Database_Off-Peak Load Flow Study of ER 2017/01/10
Format for collection of Load data 2016/12/24
Operational Load Flow Studies 2016/06/30
Protection Database progress upto November-16 2016/12/15
Protection Database progress upto October-16 2016/10/31
Protection Database progress upto September-16 2016/09/30
Protection Database Progress upto July-16 2016/07/31
Protection Database Progress upto August-16 2016/08/31
2nd 3rd Party Protection Audit Observations 2016/12/01
Protection Audit Data 2016/09/27
MiPCONTOUR_User_Manual-PSCT 2016/09/09
COMTRADE Viewer User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/09
Line & Cable Parameter Calculation User Manual 2016/09/09
Graph Utility (MiGraph) User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/09
Database_Manager User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/09
Network Editor User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/09
How to Solve Load Flow-PSCT 2016/09/05
Network Reduction User manual-PSCT 2016/09/08
Electro Magnetic Transient Analysis User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/08
Relay Co-ordination User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/07
Transient Stabilty Analysis User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/06
Load Flow Analysis User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/05
Short Circuit Studies User Manual-PSCT 2016/09/06
ERPC Conduct of Business Rules 2016/09/08
Report of ERPC Protection Team on JUSNL 2016/09/02